If you work on your computer for several hours a day ...

You likely perform 1000s of unnecessary
keystrokes and 🖱 mouse clicks every week!

Yes, thousands.
😲 (maybe even many thousands!?)


Time Saver's Toolbox




Apple OS X


Linux (soon)

The Time Saver's Toolbox is a running utility window

containing time saving tools for ...

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students / Teachers
  • Business Professionals
  • Writers
  • Designers & Developers
  • Or anyone who uses their computer multiple hours a day

Who want to ...

  • Type less
  • Do fewer mouse clicks
  • Spend less time looking for stuff
  • Speed up & perform fewer repetitive tasks
  • Be more efficient and precise
  • Spend less time switching between windows and tabs
  • Make fewer mistakes
  • Don't redo work you have already done

The Tools

The Toolbox already has 8 tools; You can hide the tools you do not use.

Clipboard Manager

Do you copy and paste often? Do you sometimes lose the content of your clipboard? No more losing your clips.
The clipboard manager keeps track of your clipboard history. Plain, HTML & Styled text, images and file lists.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Don't lose your clipboard content any more
  • Make copy and paste work less tedious
  • Add clips to Content Library for permenant storage
  • R,G,B & #HEX Color aware
  • Set an Auto-Destroy Timer for Sensitive Data
  • Double-Click to put a clip back into the clipboard
  • Lock (Will not delete) & Pin (Stays at the top of the list)
  • Choose a color from an image just by holding CTRL and hovering over image
  • Clipboard Manager captures:
    ⭐Plain Text
    ⭐Formatted Text (HTML & RTF)
    ⭐File Lists

Content Library

Do you re-use the same pieces of content? Tired of searching through your folders or emails to find it? Keep it in your Content Library. You'll always know where to find it in just a few seconds.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Add clips from Clipboard Manager
  • Import one or more files
  • Auto-detect file type
  • Accepts all file inputs
  • Built-In Tags
  • Custom Tags
  • Launch item in Default Application

Colour Palette

Do you often have to choose colours? use #HEX or R,G,B colours? Google's "material design" curated colour palette contains beautiful shades of colors referenced by name and number.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Google's 'Material Design' Palette
  • Copy as R,G,B or #HEX
  • Colors are visible in Clipboard Manager
  • More palettes available soon

Text To Speech

Did you receive a long email? come across a long article or post you want to read? Why not rest your eyes and have your computer read the text to you? Also great for proofing your work.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for long e-mails, articles or posts
  • Rest your eyes and get your reading done
  • Choose from voices available on your computer
  • Speed up or slow down reading
  • Also great for proof-reading your work

Special Characters & Emojis

Do you need special characters? Emojis can be a great way to add more context to your communications.

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Features & Benefits:

  • 1949 Emojis (9.0 Unicode set)
  • Organized into Categories
  • Drag Select Categories
  • Displays only selected Categories
  • Search by keyword
  • Double-Click to copy character into Clipboard

🔴 Please use responsibly! 😊

Browser Array

Do you need to monitor several websites at once? Have them all on the same screen, refreshing periodically. Choose from layouts of up to 9 browsers.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect if you need to monitor multiple websites at once
  • Up to 9 browsers at once
  • Set refresh rate for each site
  • No tabs, all browsers are visible

🔴 Not intended to be used as a replacement for your current browser

Quick Composer

If you often have to write similar emails or documents, the quick composer lets you save time by not retyping things you've typed before. Quickly compose your writing 1 sentence at a time.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Create collections of frequently used sentences or paragraphs
  • Type by clicking on whole lines, sentences or paragraphs
  • Prevents errors and repetitive typing
  • Once done, your composition is copied to your clipboard to be pasted where you need it.

Hotkey Scripts

Do some of your tasks involve you repeating the same keystrokes over and over again? Write a hotkey script and have your computer perform the sequence when you press a hotkey combination.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Create scripts that automatically replicate repetitive key sequence
  • Trigger them with a Hotkey Combination
  • Focus command to Focus on specific application window
  • Type & Press Commands for Strings & Hotkey Combinations
  • Delay command to create delay
  • Repeat command to repeat the sequence as many times as you need
* OSX functionality is temporarily inconsistent *

* Use this tool with caution *

The Toolbox is at your fingertips

Bring it up from your taskbar / dock or with a Hotkey.

[CTRL or FN] + [(`~)] by default

Demo Video

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Start saving time today

by adding a Time Saver's Toolbox to your workflow


Make a firm commitment

to build workflow habits that will save you time


  • Access to All Current Tools
  • Up to 4 updates in 365 days
  • New Tools & Improvements (every 100 days)
  • Vote on new tools
  • Full Technical Support

Lifetime License

Limited number available


  • Access to All Current Tools
  • Access to All Future Tools & Updates
  • New Tools & Improvements (every 100 days)
  • Vote on new tools
  • Full Technical Support

PWYC 1 Year License

for our early adopters, we are also trying ...


  • Access to All Current Tools
  • Up to 4 updates in 365 days
  • New Tools & Improvements (every 100 days)
  • E-Mail Technical Support

If your license or trial expires, you will:

  • Lose access to updates & new features
  • Most Features will be disabled
  • An annoying nag screen ☺ will remind you to renew your license
  • You will NOT lose access to your data and the ability to export it

Platform Features

  • Accessible through Taskbar / Dock or Hotkey
  • Its portable (Runs from HD or USB Drive)
  • Cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Simple and resizable user interface
  • Open platform to add more time saving tools
  • Display only the tools you use
  • Everything is encrypted (AES 256)
  • Useful options to customize the tools
  • Responsible use of your computer's resources

Next version update is in ...

Future Tools

We are excited to add many more time saving tools to the Toolbox over the coming months and years. We are committed to a steady 100 day interval between each new release featuring new and improved ways of saving time.

We will focus our efforts on the tools and features our users want.
We want to build useful tools to save you time.
Toolbox Users can submit tool and feature requests.

Cloud Backup - Backup toolbox items of your choosing into the cloud. Its secure, redundant and distribued. Secure Cloud services provided by LiveCloud.

Goal Setting - To Do List - are great for getting stuff done!

Research Tool - Researching a Topic? Search multiple resources at once

Safebox - What Safebox? Whatever data you put into the Safebox can't be seen without your presence and your unique key.

Timers - A timer tool can always tell you how much time has passed or how much time is left in relation to a task or an event.

Social Media Dashboard - Tools to improve social media experience)

Toolbox on Your Phone - We know, its almost the 2020s.

Image Search - Millions of amazing free images, free to use for your projects. (Pixabay.com & Others)

Real-Time Stocks - Searchable, real time stock ticker based on

We can also use amazing existing technology in the form of APIs.  Nearly every modern online service has an API.

An API can be a service or a tool on its own. The possibilities are endless.

  • Integration with Online Service  Providers
  • Voice Dictation
  • Translation
  • File Conversion
  • Mapping
  • Integration with Personal Assistants

The possibilities are endless, but our  number one aim to build and integrate useful tools that will save people time.

Network Desk - A shared desktop space with the computers on your network.

Network Messenger Chat - Wanna chat with other computers on your network?

  • More Clipboard and Content Library Data Types
  • Browser Array - Better Youtube Live, Vimeo (H264 video) in the browser.

  • Browser Array - Improved Controls

  • More Color Palettes

  • Better prevention of duplicate clips

  • Large Files for Content Library

  • Settings Search

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