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Play.HT Text To Speech

Play.HT is a modern text-to-speech platform featuring the best voices from Google, Amazon, IBM & Microsoft. You can add to your website, so your

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Wave Accounting

Wave(apps) is a great accounting platform that meets the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. The core features are free, and the advanced features are subscription-based.

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LibreOffice is a Free & Open Source Office Suite built to compete with Microsoft Office. It opens nearly all the file types that MS Office

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Humble Bundles

Humble Bundles are amazing. They are collections of useful products, sold at a substantial discount using a “pay what you want” pricing structure. Sometimes the

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About the Time Saver’s Toolbox


This site is for everyday professionals and entrepreneurs who want to maximize their daily efforts.  To save more of their time, a non-renewable resource, to use elsewhere in their life.

My name is Tom I am a serial entrepreneur, a dad, a husband, a peace hippie and a lover of cosmic spiritual truths. 

In my day job, I research and develop software for in-house projects and customers.

Each week, I spend multiple hours researching and educating myself on what is out there, what other people are working on, and what amazing new tools have become available.

On this site, I will share my best findings with you, mostly centered around tools and ideas, to save us time.

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